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My best language instruction video yet

This language instruction video could be the best instruction you have every seen on sentence construction. It was for me. Please check it out.

posted by Wes1378

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  • Wes1378
    I was just informed by an angry mob in another forum that I shouldn't post my video links. They called it spamming and didn't believe that I was dumb enough to not realize it was not appreciated. Well.... I am.
    If I have angered anyone here, I am sorry. I will be trying to figure out where I should remove posts, and where I should post, if anywhere. If anyone has advice for someone who knows nothing about forums, I am all ears... er, eyes I guess.
  • Kupo
    As this is a site for learning Japanese and there aren't any subforums or something the like it's nearly impossible to do something wrong here. I don't know where else you posted this but it shouldn't cause you any problems here :)
  • Wes1378
    Kupo arigatou