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which one is the right one ?

i saw the word 蠎ホ-kirei in vocabulary 4 it's mean pretty and while i know 綺麗 is also kirei and it's also mean pretty. Then i go to check some free online dictionary, i found 綺麗 but no 蠎ホ so ~ which is the right one ?ありがとう
posted by Kirajiahaur

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  • Eyeball_Kid
    綺麗 is correct. There are a few mistakes like this (not many, don't let it put you off!) but this is one of the more inexplicable ones.
  • Dianazou
    hi, 綺麗 is the correct one.My Japanese is poor. But I am very impressed with the the word 綺麗. It means pretty. :-)
  • Medyrius
    Kirei na mono ga suki tte iu imi ka? :P
  • adkar
    what does that mean no.1??
  • Medyrius
    Well I meant to ask Dianazou if the reason he was impressed with the word 綺麗 was because he actually likes beatiful things...
    It was Stupid question after all... Who doesn't like beatiful things? :S