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What's the diffrence between これandこの?is it have to be use in different situation or it's the same ?
posted by Kirajiahaur

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  • Medyrius
    In my opinion there's no great difference between the two but I'd rather use kore if I meant to designate something without renaming it... For example if I say "nanda kore wa?" I'm not naming that which I'm refering to with kore, right?

    Meanwhile if I were to use Kono, I'd rather affix the thing I'm refering to... For example "Kono hon wa mou yonda kara ii desu yo" see? I'm refering to the word "hon" and yet I named it... I wouldn't have done that if I was using kore... (Kore hon wa mou yonda...) :s It doesn't sound to be correct, right?

    Ja! I hope this helps as an explanation ^_^'
    Would be bad if it confused you even more...

  • Kirajiahaur
    nah it won't i am using the way that you are using now lol just feel it's sound correct then it's correct , just wanna comfirm it =3=~
  • packetpirate
    これ means "this ...", whereas この means "this thing."

    For example:

    If you wanted to say "THIS is an apple." you would say ”これはりんごです。”
    If you wanted to say "I don't like THIS apple." you would say ”このりんごはきらいです。”

    この is used to designate that the noun following it is the specific object that the speaker is referring to. これ is used more generally.