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Error with the り kana & Firefox?!

Hi guys,I am learning the Japanese from 2 weeks now,very new at it (& btw I'm Italian so sorry if my english isn't perfect) but I think I've found a little error.... as you can see in the title I have write the "ri" kana & looks correct,but when I write it here in this message it appear like this ----> り

Now probably you think that I am crazy cause you see the two "ri" as same,but here I have uploaded the image of what I see now from my computer using Firefox : http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/9069/unled1bv.png

I put the orange on the two "ri" so you can see what I mean,on the title I have the right kana,here inside the textbox I have a different kana never seen before...
Also,I have the "wrong" "ri" in places like the "Hiragana Practice" so probably many other noobs like me that use Firefox are learning a different kana for the "ri" in this very moment,so someone please can explain to me what is appening?

Is this a problem between Firefox & this site or there are to way to write "ri" ?!

Thank you :)
posted by MarcusAseth

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