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not able to click settings when practice

Hi all,

i tried looking if a similar threath existed for this problem but found nothing.

the problem is like this:

i'm logged in at the website and try to practice but i don't know many kanji jet.
so i would like clicking the settings button to enable the kana setting so i can read it all correctly, this works under the firefox browser but not on my Chrome browser ..
upon clicking there is nothing that happens.

can someone please give me a solution for this kind of problem?

posted by ICeNoAcH

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  • Medyrius
    Yo! ^^
    It seems chrome browser is having a bad time with this application... I'm not sure about the practice settings button but for some reason, the comments are not working on that browser...

    I'd suggest you use firefox when using this site but if you really want to use chrome, you should report this directly to the admin's commentbox ;)
    Here : http://japaneseclass.jp/user/statistics/1 (On the comment tab)
  • Saiyaman03
    i think im having a similar problem..i cant practice/do tests now. (Well doesn't load completely and gets stuck one the screen.) :/
  • beeant
    I'm sorry for this problem.

    I will work on this problem ASAP