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I'm new

Hello everyone!
I've registered on JC.jp yesterday, and earned level 2. I'm going this year at the summer course to Shizuoka and this December I'm passing JLPT at level N3.
I want to ask how high should I reach to get into JLPT vocabulary and kanji at this level?
Thank you in advance.
posted by kacper92

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  • beeant
    Hello kacper92,

    Welcome to JCJP!

    As for JLPT, JapaneseClass.jp lessons are only slightly coherent to JLPT. They are not structured according to JLPT.
    If you reached level 6 with a good statistics on your profile, I would say you may find it useful when you're doing JLPT 3-2.

    But, JCJP only has Vocabulary and Kanji lessons. So, you will have to use other resources to study grammar. Although, I think sentence examples on JCJP can be helpful too.

    good luck!
    If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

    Thank you,

    ps: For vocabulary lessons that are more coherent to JLPT, you can try JCJP facebook App, http://apps.facebook.com/japanese_class


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