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please restore my combo, bad question

dizziness, vertigo
100% (1 correct | 0 wrong) status: good ・ latest encounter: Yesterday

くらっと - くらっと to feel dizzy EXP -5
目眩 - めまい

めまい= dizzy both have the same meaning.....but I got it wrong for choosing くらっと!

I was around 700 too...I had a great combo..but lost because of a poor question >,<
posted by kupo1986

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  • Medyrius
    There are some questions that have more than one correct answer listed, in that case, you may pick the wrong one and have EXP -5 but your combo counter should not break... I think kuratto/memai isn't one of these though :P

    I think there's a quite a difference between dizzyness and feel dizzy...
  • kupo1986
    I see. Here's the slight difference I found in the Japanese dictionary..(weblio.jp)
    くらっと = 
    (rough translation) In an instant you become dizzy. Also, you feel like you are going to fall over from dizzyness.
    [ I stood up suddenly and almost collapsed from dizzyness]

    and now めまい
    (rough translation) To feel dizzy. You feel like you are going to fall over from dizzyness.

    maybe it's slightly different..but I don't think a question should have a choice between subtle differences. くらくら=くらっと =擬音語だろう? めまい= 普通の言葉。 This is also a difference I suppose. Thanks for your help Medyrius-sama ^^

  • Medyrius
    I totally agree with you, a single answer quizz should not have choices this close...

    It's a pretty fine dico you have there, but isn't it a little hard to use it as it's all jap?

  • kupo1986
    thanks! =)
    そうだね!少しむずかしいだけど、いい勉強になるから別にいいじゃん ^^. It's like swimming, you have to jump in the water to learn how to swim. I used to just do everything in English/Japanese but then I never learned how to swim. Medyriusさんと同じように字幕なしにアニメみたいよ。そのために何が必要なんだ?答えは知識~ ww 言語の知識を高めなくてはいけん。
    もう7年間ぐらい日本語を勉強してるが、まだペラペラではない ><。くやしい 
  • beeant
    Hello kupo1986,

    Thank you very much for using JCJP and thank you for the report.

    I'm really sorry for the problem. I'm sorry to have you confused with similar option in the multiple choice answers.

    Unfortunately I cannot restore the combo.

    Of course it is my fault that the system is not yet perfect. I have actually implemented a code to prevent similar multiple choice options for vocabularies, but I still have to fix it now. I always try to improve this site.

    Please don't be disappointed, I hope that you would understand that I cannot restore the combo.

    Thank You,

  • kupo1986
    Dear BN,

    Thank you for your reply. I understand. I know it's difficult to maintain a high quality site like this one. I'm not really saying it's your fault. I just think that you need more assistance, like moderators/editors or something. Are you trying to maintain this whole site by yourself? I'm really impressed by your effort.

    I would like to improve the reading section for you, because they have a lot of reading context errors. I would feel better if I could help you improve this site somehow. Please let me know if there is anything I can do in terms of improving the Japanese learning quality of the site. I have been studying for 7 years and have so many things I want to teach/fix on this site...

    I'm willing to do everything for free. I really want to help this site more. I have this crazy idea about adding a "Grammar" section for you too. Please let me know if I can do anything.


  • beeant
    Thank you for your understanding kupo1986.

    Yes, you are right. I need more help from users. There were some users who helped me so much before. However, my support to them for giving me support (you know what I mean?) is limited. JCJP right now does not have any management pages for multi users to edit/add data.

    I think I have to write those management pages.

    Thank you again for your interest to contribute improving the site. I will make those management pages so that users like you can contribute building a useful "Japanese learning platform", and even more, to build an informative Portal about Japan.

    Thank You,


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