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A tchat room in JCJP?

I'm not very sure if it'd be really useful but since there's so many people hopping by every day, it may be a interesting feature to have around...

What do you think about it guys?
posted by Medyrius

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  • fallendementia
    That does sound really good. Not only would it make the JCJP community stronger, it could also give another way to learn material. Honestly if I had friends to talk to everyday on this website, that would help keep me from lacking on my Japanese. In other words, I wholeheartedly agree.
  • beeant
    It's been a long time I want to implement chat on JCJP. However there are some considerations before it.

    I am still finding the best way to do it, because I also want to implement interactive quiz within the chat too.
    Something like, where there is a bot asking questions, and someone who gives a correct and fast answer gets the point.

    Thinking about the server capability right now, I think it is still kind of difficult to implement those. However, I will try to start developing it.
  • teodorick
    I Agree to Medyrius Senpai we should have a chat room!!