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Hiragana and katakana practice

I am a new learner of Japanese and was going to start by practicing the hiragana, then learn the katakana. Unfortunately, the practice for hiragana seems to have answers written in katakana, and the practice for katakana seems to have answers written in hiragana. Is that by design? Should I try to learn the two alphabets simultaneously?
posted by academe

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  • Ran08
    I'm also a pretty new learner. :) I learned hiragana first, then katakana too, but now I find understanding katakana easier. I haven't memorized them all yet, but I'm at it. My advice for you is to thoroughly learn hiragana first then when you've mastered that, to move on to katakana. At least, that's what I did. But maybe you should practice hiragana with romaji answers first, like, write them down then make flash cards out of them . I did it that way, and it's quite fun. When you've got a good grasp of the writing systems you can start practicing here to be even better! :) Good luck!
  • Pak13elalang
    i have no idea about how to answer the questions in the hiragana and katakana practices..LOL..It seems so confusing all the time.
  • kuroki
    Those flash cards seem interesting thanks for the tip Ran08
  • beeant

    Yes, it was designed like that.
    When I was first making the hiragana & katakana test system, it was just basic Hiragana as question and alphabet as the multiple choice answers.

    And then several users suggested me to mix the multiple choice to make it more challenging. I thought it was a good idea, and I implemented that system.

    And then now, some people has the same problem as you that you want the question to have only alphabet multiple choice answers.

    After thinking of several ideas to improve the system, like automatically give mixed multiple choice answers after the user earns some certain amount of EXP, or after finishing learning either hiragana or katakana. But, I ended up to have better idea (in my opinion).

    So the current system of hiragana & katakana test that I have just implemented, is that you will get both alphabet and the kana as multiple choice answers.

    So if you are doing Hiragana Test, you would get multiple choice answers of alphabet and katakana. If you are doing Katakana Test, you would get alphabet and hiragana.

    I chose to implement this to be the new system of hiragana/katakana test is because you can learn hiragana and katakana at the same time or in parallel.
    You don't have to have serious dilemma of which one to learn first. You can choose to learn hiragana first, and then when you are doing the hiragana test, you are also seamlessly starting to learn katakana at the same time.

    What do you think about this?


  • teodorick
    I like the current one! Please don't change it. It's better this way. You can learn hiragana-katakana at the same time.