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r u having fun here?

since im newbie here. im having so much fun even though i suck at kanji test.
how about u, guys?^^
r u having fun here?
posted by Shiroiyume

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  • teodorick
    Yeah... I like this site. I already have tons of japanese book which I really previously want to learn. But never had time and I easily get bored reading. But this is site is so convinient I can open with my tab anywhere and anytime All I need is couple of minutes to complete one or two chapter.
  • Shiroiyume
    huhuh.anime is only my reference. i don't have any books to check my vocabulary. kanji is really hard to learn.
  • Ran08
    It's really fun here! :) If I don't log in for a few days, I usually just retake the exams to make sure I still remember them. :D But then I'd be bored to test my new vocabulary and kanji. Still, this site's a good practice for all of us. ^_^ By the way, welcome here~! And, haha, we're both from the Philippines. :D
  • Shiroiyume
    you are right^^
    thank you for welcoming me.Yeah,i am a pinay.
    i am very much interested in japanese cultures.
    someday, i will go to Japan.
    how about u, Ran08?
  • Kimmitokat
    I really love this site I just signed up today and i have it #1 in my bookmarks so I know to go to this one first It seems really interesting here though i do agree books are boring when you really have to concentrate but i cant really get my head out of them. Japanese learning books that is.
  • dand963
    i am having fun, but kanji is hard. im stuck at level 1. hahaha. i tend to forget almost each and every kanji i learn in a matter of minutes. i wonder if someone can give me tips on them or something.
  • Shiroiyume
    hahah.im still stuck on level 1.
    i am too busy with my studies and i forgot attending my lesson here.Shit!
    im left behind.
    im tardy.sighs.
  • shairn
    I have to say, competing against others for the daily first place motivates me.
    Now if only there were more kanji/vocabulary...
  • xMakoReactantx
    Definitely. I make it a point to include this site in my broader studies.
  • Saiya
    Seems like a great site, though doesnt seem like folks stick around too long ;(
  • Medyrius
    That's because we don't have some real time interactive features like a tchatting or real time challenge little games etc... That'd be really fun! ^^
    But for that jcjp needs some donations for the admin to be able to move to a better server and implement more features... I guess it's gonna be a matter of time then...
  • p0th3r
    it's so fun
  • and_strider
    yes, it's so fun.
    It's like my japanese coach for nintendo ds.
    The rank and challenge systems motivated me :)
  • baka8
    And yes, a chat feature would be really awesome.
  • Saiya
    if things go well the next two months i intend to break the donation record /giggle but if i do I want everyone to give me a /hug ;)
  • Medyrius
    Mondai nai! ^^
  • ashleymaltese
    konnichiwa minna-san~!! \(^___^)/
    This page is awesome~!! Hontouni sugoii dusu ne~!
    I really hope to improve my japanese here~!
    Gambarimaaaaasu~! <3