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Settings: Kanji recognition only?

I'd like to test my kanji recognition only (question=one kanji, no kana, answer=choice of 4 meanings, no kana).
I've tried changing the settings of the Practice but can't see any changes. The Practice goes on in exactly the same way.
Is it possible? Any ideas?

posted by pinguina

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  • Medyrius
    Hi-Hi ^_^
    I think what you want is not possible at this time... But I've tried some combinations in the practice settings and it appears you can disable kana only in vocabulary practice.
    That way, the practice pattern becomes this : question=1 meaning, answer=four plain kanji with no kana reading displayed. It's the opposite of your original idea but it may just do it fine, right?

    So the settings are :
    - Question Mode : Vocabulary only (Kanji and Reverse Vocab Disabled)
    - Show kanji tab : ENABLED
    - Show Kana tab : DISABLED

    Sore jya! ;)
  • pinguina
    Thanks! Very helpful.