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JCJP app?

I was talking with a friend and he suggested the idea of a JCJP app. I personally loved the idea, and thought it would be really helpful for people who don't have access to a computer all the time or simply prefer using the touch screen, which JCJP's format is well suited for.

Of course, I understand the amount of work it could take, but I'm just pitching an idea.
posted by shairn

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  • keirichan
    That would be good! I just play it online, but not all people have access to internet on their mobile device. :)
  • Saiya
    There was a post not too long ago were Beanto explained about this. It was apparently int he works but time and financial constraints hindered it according to my understanding of the post.
  • shairn
    Alright well there's no rush, now that I think about it it's also possible to just load this site on a mobile.


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