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Commonly Used?

What I plan to get from this whole exprience is to finally learn two languages. I've been very intrested in Japanese and learning to write and understand the characters is very imporant. I plan to use these skills in my life. Can anyooe tell me which from of writing is used most commonly in Japanese culture? Kanji,Romaji,Hiragana? Which is it?

Thank you for all your help
posted by xXUshixX

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  • xXUshixX
    Sorry for the anyone mistake.
  • beeant
    they use all of them, choosing to learn one of them is not an option.

    they use them all as combination, and each of them has different use.
    kanji is soo important to know.
    because there are many words that are the same. but mean totally different things.
    the kanji tells you what the word actually means.
    and hiragana is really important too, learn that first.
  • fuonk
    Here is a page which introduces the Japanese writing system and shows a sample sentence in which all three scripts are used in detail: http://www.studyjapanese.org/content/view/27/49