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Trouble reading Japanese - Help?


I am a new JC user and I am enjoying the site very much. I studied Japanese language fairly casually as a student in year 6 and more seriously in grades 8, 9, and now grade 10 (I am currently a year 10 student in Australia).

I my current school does not have a Japanese Language program so I am learning by myself, it is slightly harder for me but I am enjoying it none the less =)

At the moment I read and write ひらがな well and I know some basic kanji (though I struggle with kanji the most) and I have not yet learned カタカナ.

Someting that confuses me when reading Japanese is where the first word stops and the second begins. Could somebody please tell me, is Japanese always written without any spaces or gaps inbetween the words? Is there a trick to understanding this or will it come naturally to me once I have increased my Japanese vocabulary? 

ども 済みません 皆さん!

posted by Marshmallow

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  • James
    This was something that confused me at first as well. Japanese is written without spaces, but it comes naturally as you learn more. You begin to recognise ending of words and so on, so hang in there!
  • beeant
    ya sometimes i misread は as wa
    like はじめまして becomes wa,jimemashite
  • fuonk
    If a word contains kanji at all, it usually begins with a kanji (an exception is when it starts with an honorific お or ご. So the first kanji after some kana is often the beginning of a word. を is used pretty much exclusively as a particle, so it is another clear marker for the end of one word and the beginning of another. As you read more, other particles will also start to jump out at you. Also, verb and adjective inflections will become familiar enough both so that you read them as units, and as word endings.