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What are the best books to learn Japanese?

What books do you guys recommend? Some people say that Japanese for busy people and Genki are the best and you can learn Japanese only using them.
But I want more options. Can you guys help? Thanks!!
posted by LucianoInfanti

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  • Tinker
    I use :
    -Tae Kim's japanese guide
    -Remembering the Kanji
    I would recommend the two, although remembering the Kanji may or may not be for you. There is a sample if you want to try it out.
  • mog86uk
    I'm reading a book printed in 1986 called 'Japanese for Beginners' by Gakken.
    It's the best book for me at the moment. I don't really like reading books, but it's simple, well structured, and straight to the point. It covers a lot of really important basics and useful stuff in a neat way.
    I don't think I'd recommend it though, even if it is still around; It's all in roumaji and certainly doesn't cover every aspect of the language.

    It depends what you're after really.
    I'm using this book to pummel fundamental basics into my skull so that I can never forget them again, lol. And I can read kana fluently, so being over exposed to the stupid roumaji isn't going to do too much damage; It's best to learn kana and avoid roumaji material as much as possible though.
  • Laserbeak43
    Japanese in Mangaland is fun...
    you could pick volume 1 up along with its workbook
  • SloanAkira
    Genki I, Don't bother with Genki II unless you like the conversations going on. Genki II got extremely lazy by giving you only one example each section...

    "Instant Japanese How to express 1,000 different ideas with just 100 key words and phrases"
    Hiragana, Katakana, Romaji. phonetic reading. PDF

    "Japanese core words and phrases Things you can't find in a dictionary" Hiragana, Katakana, Romaji. A lot of expressions and good examples of usage of common daily convo's. PDF

    I recommend "How to Tell the Difference between Japanese Particles" as you learn along - Ignore the title. It is a very neat book that not only show single particle, but set expressions and examples. [like kara~made, made ni, etc.] You see various ways of constructing a sentence, which I think will give you more freedom. PDF

    as for KANJI:
    "Kanji Power A Workbook for Mastering Japanese Characters" Furigana [Hirgana+Kanji] I'd recommend buying this book or printing it [190 pages, cover, intro, etc. included] because it has stroke boxes, quizzes, tests which are very practical and fun. PDF