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I need friends!!!

Konnichiwa! I would like some friends, to talk to and to share some japanese with. I am new ! So please if anyone can help me out, it would be completely appreciated! :) Love you guys! And happy learning.
posted by kireinacherrie

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  • Laserbeak43
    こんいちは!まりく、ともうします。My name is Malik. I've been studying, very casually since about 2008. I'd love to have friends to study with. I work nights, so my daytime availability is limited, but If ever i receive a message from you, i'd gladly respond. And if I'm lucky to be at the desk at the same time you are, i'd love to work with you and get some studying in. どぞよろしく!!
  • kireinacherrie
    oh thank you. i will be sure to send you a message :) arigatou gozaimasu!


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