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need help with katakana and kanji !

any good websites that i could use to help me with kanji and katakana? any help would be greatly appreciated ! :)
posted by kireinacherrie

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  • Laserbeak43
    I learned hiragana and katakana from Japanese in Mangaland volume 1. It's really good to write the stuff at least twice a day. it will really help with memorization.I find katakana hard to remember since it's not used as much in my studying. but yeah. definitely learn them both. i don't have to review hiragana anymore but i definitely do have to review my katakana every now and then. as for websites. I use http://iknow.jp I know that it costs money and not everyone can afford it, but it's a really cool site. also, you could try anki http://ankisrs.net/ really good tool and there are tons of shared flashcard decks. it's a desktop tool but they also have free iphone and android apps that sync your progress with the desktop app.
    For Kanji, I have Kanji in mangaland and iknow.jp helps a lot but i've been gravitating toward Remembering the Kanji. the teaching method seems to be really cool. the book remembering the kanji also has a companion website for reviewing them. http://kanji.koohii.com/

    good luck!!
  • kireinacherrie
    Thank you so much for this information. And good luck to you too. :)
  • Peacherine
    Try this site: http://www.yosida.com/en/kanji.php?level=5&page=1

    It groups kanji by JLPT level, so start at 5 and work your way up. I like this site because it just gives the more common readings for kanji, and also provides some example vocabulary words. You'll still need to find out how you learn them best though. Personally, I use White Rabbit Press' Kanji flashcards. I make a giant deck of kanji I recognize (like I've seen them in manga or somewhere, and can distinctly recognize them out of others), and along with recognizing the image, I typically try to know at least one pronunciation of it (whatever word it was used in when I saw it, or its verb meaning, or anything). Out of those then, I pick a few to "learn" every couple days, which means I specifically learn the correct stroke order and practice hand writing it, and learn other pronunciations and example vocabulary. I keep a vocab notebook too, where I then copy those words I've learned. I also put them in Anki, which is a free create-your-own-flashcards program. My method works for me because I'm constantly just adding one more piece to what I already know, never just picking random unknown kanji and trying to learn them.

    Try out different ways to see what way works best for you though! Keep it up~
  • kireinacherrie
    thank you so much. i really appreciate it. i will try this method!!! :)


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