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I'm new

I'm new here, I seem to be doing okay on the tests and stuff but I was wondering if there was a secret most people use to get 100% because I've been seeing a lot of people's with that grade (if you are one of them, awesome work I'm impressed!)
posted by JapanIntrest

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  • smolio
    Um, retake them? The technique is not as complicated as you think lol
  • Peacherine
    ようこそ! Yep, smolio is right. You can just retake the test. However, I don't think retakes change your overall A+/A/B+ etc grade that's shown on your profile. Like, even though I retook some and have all 100s listed now, my profile still only says an overall 99%. So who knows? Just have fun, and stick with it!
  • mog86uk
    The A+/A/B+ grades that show up on your profile are based entirely the percentage of all the correct and incorrect answers you've ever given. The grading system makes it really, really tough for getting A+.

    You can still get an A+ for all of your grades, but even though you are already at 99% on kanji and total, A+ is a very, VERY long way off...

    B+ = 85-94%
    A = 95-99%
    A+ 100%

    I'm pretty sure the percentages are calculated by rounding to the nearest whole number. So 99.5% will round up to 100%. Therefore:

    To get B+ you need at least 5.46 correct answers for every incorrect answer.
    To get A, you need a right-wrong ratio of at least 17.19 : 1
    To get A+ you need 199 : 1

    To work out how many more correct answers you'll need to obtain A+ kanji:
    1) Take your number of wrong answers (111) and multiply that by 199.
    2) Take this number (22089) and subtract your current number of correct answers (8339).
    3) The result (13750) is how many more answers you'll need to get correct, to reach 99.5% for A+ grade. However, for each additional wrong answer you may get, you'll need to add an extra 199 correct answers...

    On the bright side, I currently have 1002 wrong answers for kanji. Because of this I now need to reach 199398 (1002 * 199) to get A+...

    Tough ね? (sorry, I was bored lol... >_> )
  • Peacherine

    Wow!! Yeah, your ratios seem right in that case. I didn't know if it rounded or anything though.

    Either way, I'm not too worried about it though... I should spend that time learning more grammar! ^_^;

  • GoldenRoses
    I retake all of them. This is another way how people also get quick EXP points too unfortunately. Good Luck, Learn On (that sounds nerdy lol!) ^-^