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Can someone tell me what tte means?

I've played a few Japanese video games, and sometimes I will run into the "word" tte. What does that mean? Usually it will be after a person's name and they are usually speaking to them. I hope I am coming across clearly. :)
posted by Zeko437

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  • fuonk
    *tte* unfortunately has many uses, so it*s impossible to tell you without more context. One way it could arise as *[name] tte* would be in response to someone addressing the speaker with his or her given name when a more formal form of address (e.g. [family name]-san) was expected. In this case it means *oh, you*re using my given name, are you?*.

    tte is also used as an informal equivalent of the phrase *to iu*. For example, *X tte nani?* is a quick casual way of asking what a word X means.

    Hope this helps a bit, although I doubt that I*ve pinned down the usage you heard. (Sorry about the asterisks instead of quote marks-- the quote marks were confusing the posting mechanism.
  • Darknaviexe
    I could be wrong, but I suspect -tte is an ending. A plain ending.
    EX. : Kaeru = to return (go back). Kaemasu = kaette imasu?
    Suspicion: It does not seem to have too great a history of being mixed up with a different type of -tte;

    EX. : Okotte iru?