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Missing kana in vocabulary level 1 chapter 4

In the hiragana reading of 大きい it only has おおき.

In the hiragana reading of 小さい it only has ちいさ.

In the hiragana reading of 新しい it only has あたらし.

I'm not sure if this is a typing mistake or bug just thought I would do my best to report them. I'm still new and don't know if there is a Bug/Issue page in the forum.
posted by ArcaneGod

Comments 4

  • kekkou
    I did not encounter that problem. May be a website bug. I'll check out the Level 1 lessons. I will attach a screenshot if I see those 3 vocab errors.
  • kekkou
    No problems found. Re-take the test and see if the problem reappears.
  • mog86uk
    I think he means the furigana above the characters (in the lesson, not the test), with which there does seem to be an issue.

    Interestingly, these are all い-adjectives and their furigana covers just their root - so without the い. However, 古い and the other い-adjectives on the same page have furigana which includes the い.

    In this lesson, the only major difference between these three and the others is that they have okurigana in their root before the い. Maybe this is the same in the other lessons, for any い-adjectives also containing okurigana in their root?
  • ArcaneGod
    Thank you all.