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how many languages can I learn ???

Hi, I'm new here and I wanna learn japanese. But I already speak 4 languages fluently: French , Arabic ,English and moroccan(ther is no writin in moroccan,we can write it in romain or any alphabet you want ^^)

so, my question is : How many languages can the human brain handle at the same time ??
posted by pegoooo

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  • nintendo
    you can speak those 4 languages fluently?
    wow! thats incredible, and you seem doing alright with japanese too, you got B average score...

    i think since you are able to speak those 4 languages fluently, your brain can still handle another one.. just try! but kanji is kind of difficult!
  • ibun
    the number of languages you can learn is just limited to your own capacity. i am speaking 3 languages and trying to learn japanese as my fourth one, sometime in the future i woul also like to add korean and one of the romanic languages (ie. italian or spanish)
  • pegoooo
    thanx, I think I'll learn japanese , but I have a memorisation problem with the kanji symboles !!! I can't remember them expect the numbers and few easy symboles ... but I already forgot a lot of those I learned since I started XD !!
  • beeant
    you need to be able to write them also..
    and there is an order to write each of kanji.
    to see kanji stroke details, on the kanji lesson page, if you click on the kanji (the big one), it will open a page showing you how to write the kanji.

    if you are able to write the kanji, it is easier to memorize it
  • pegoooo
    thanks beeant! I wrote those I didn't remeber and It works !! ^^ It's easier to memoriz coz I can see their differences ^^
  • beeant
    just keep on practicing, watch video, read texts, listen to music, or do practices in JCJP =D

    try to imagine the kanji whenever you hear any word. I think thats how Japanese or Chinese think, they depict the kanji when they communitcate, but I'm not sure about this.
  • weebokira
    arabic and moroccan are vertially the same...and if you mean you speak moroccan arabic i will laugh. because i speak fluent arabic and even arabs can barely understand what moroccan's are trying to say anyway i dont think you will have a problem learning japanese
  • pegoooo
    you might be right weeborika.
  • pegoooo
    you're right weeborika , I already knew that ... but I was just asking about how many langauges can someone learn at the same time ... just to compar with other's skills , but it wasn't a good idea coz I hav read a in a lot of articles (days after posting here ^^) that the maximum number of languages you can learn depends on Your brain , I've also heard about some language lovers that speak around 12 13 laguages !
    ... you can try this ability test to know more about your learning skills:

    thanks anyways .
  • cmac
    four is the maximum. anything after that and the brain will self destruct.