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i dont get it ?

im really confuse? were do they teach u on how to write ?
posted by jamesontroopa8

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  • mog86uk
    How to compose sentences? Or how to draw kanji and kana?

    This website doesn't really do either of those things. Currently, this website focuses on vocabulary and reading skill.

    There are many other websites that do a good job of teaching grammar for composing sentences. And there are other websites that help with drawing kanji and kana.
  • jamesontroopa8
    whats the best website to learn how to draw kanji and kana ! and thanks for the comment !
  • mog86uk
    I haven't really done much handwriting practice before.

    - This page has free handwriting practice sheets to print out.

    - This page fully explains the correct stroke order.

    - KanjiAlive is a good site - on this page there is a free PDF file called 'Introduction to Kanji'. This short PDF nicely explains how to draw kanji properly.

    There are probably loads of other, maybe better sites out there, though. Hope this helps. :)