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Help with learning.

I'm learning hiragana and katakana and I'm just wondering what are the most effective ways to learn the two? I also don't quite understand how the questions work and I would be very great full if someone Gould give me some assistance with figuring it out thankyou :)
Help with learning.
posted by PatFace

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  • mog86uk
    I learnt hiragana and katakana by doodling their tables regularly when I was bored in French class at school, lol. :P
    I recommend finding a picture of the tables and putting it somewhere you'll see regularly, like your desktop background. Then, whenever you're bored somewhere and have a chance to doodle, try writing out as much of the tables as you can remember.

    There are some helpful websites too though. These should hopefully speed things up a little.

    These two pages teach the kana using mnemonics:

    This website is probably the best, very simple memory game for testing your kana recognition skills.
  • noobzor
    The RealKana website might indeed be the best for training. When I learned the phonetic alphabets, I'd fill a paper sheet row with each character and move on to the next. Besides the RealKana website provided by mog86uk, which is really helpful, there's also http://www.aeriagloris.com/LearnJapanese/ to practise the Kana. With some practise you'll get it.
  • mog86uk
    For learning kana, that's a nice webpage you've found. Very simple and effective. I like the options it gives, like hiragana<->katakana.
    What I really like about RealKana, though, is the option for different types of fonts -- It would be interesting if JCJP had that feature too.