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Best 5 Japanese Dagashi (cheap snack) collection.

Matome Foods
Monday, December 26, 2016 at 08:39

Do you know that Japan has variety of Dagashi(駄菓子 : Cheap Snack)

I think there are a lot of people likes or even loves Japanese food.
For example, Sushi and Ramen are famous all over the world.

But actually, Japan is also famous for its snack cultures.

Japanese snack culture has already started at Edo era called 一文菓子.
After WW2, very cheap snack became so famous.
They were called Dagashi(駄菓子).
And these Dagashis are still selling at Convenience store in Japan.
They are generally super cheap like JPY10 ~ JPY20.
And somehow tastes nice.

Let's check out Best 5 Japanese Dagashis.

Kabayaki San Taro / 蒲焼さん 太郎

Kabayaki-san Tarou(蒲焼さん 太郎)
Kabayaki-san Tarou(蒲焼さん 太郎)
Source: Amazon
I think this Dagashi is most famous in Japan!
completely made out of fish but tastes like Japanese tradition eel cookery.

its just JPY10!!!
Just try it if you got a chance!

Yakiniku San Taro / 焼肉さん 太郎

Yakiniku San Taro
Yakiniku San Taro
Source: Amazon
This snack is made by the same company that makes "Kabayaki San Taro".
Quite similar ingredients with "Kabayaki San Taro", but tastes like Japanese Yakiniku(焼肉 : Grilled Meat).

Yocchan Ika / よっちゃんイカ

Yocchan Ika (Yocchan Squid)
Yocchan Ika (Yocchan Squid)
Source: Amazon
Ika means squid.
As the name shows, Yocchan Ika is vinegared squid taste snack.

But actually ingredients are not only squid but also fish too.
Taste is simply vinegar, but I like it so much.

Umai bou / うまい棒

うまい棒 / Umai bou
うまい棒 / Umai bou
Source: Amazon
Umai Bou is too famous for Japanese.
I believe that more than 80% of Japanese have tried this at least once.(No evidence though lol)

unlike what I introduced already, this Umai Bou is made with flour.
And they have variety of tastes. Including seasonal ones.

It's super easy to get this, just go to ANY convenience store!
Just JPY10, give it a try !

Big Katsu / ビッグ カツ

Big Katsu / ビッグ カツ
Big Katsu / ビッグ カツ
Source: Amazon
This product is simply like a magic to me.

Ingredients are perfectly fish, but, fry it and make it taste like Tonkatsu(Japanese fried pork).
When I was high school student, I was so poor but still wanted to eat Tonkatsu, so I ate it everyday.

It's my top recommendation, I think you should try it to test out Jpanaese mysterious technology!



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