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Gravure idol Yuka Kuramochi and 5 other cute girls show off their big breasts by waving them

Yuka Kuramochi, a sexy gravure idol with big breast, she likes to show her seductive photos on Twitter.

Yuka Kuramochi is Japanese gravure idol who is 25 years old now.
She was born at Chiba prefecture in 1991. She joined her current agency at the age of 20.
She is so proud of her big hips and call herself "Hip artisan", saying "My hips are like my face for me".

Currently she is calling herself "Chief director at gravure selfie club", and post many selfies on Twitter.
倉持由香@ グラドル自画撮り部部長@yukakuramoti
ヘアメイク完了〜収録がんばります! https://t.co/RC53YnCIOx
For example, she posted this photo on Twitter.
倉持由香@ グラドル自画撮り部部長@yukakuramoti
自分だけ湯船のふちにおっぱい乗せられない時の気持ち…!!!大きいおっぱい羨ましいし触りたいし憎たらしいしやっぱりおっぱいって深い https://t.co/hUlJBFTICU
Perfect combination of Japanese style wooden bath and 7 sexy girls.
This is one of the scenes from a photography site of special event for Japanese magazine “Playboy”.
The name of the event is, “Happy New Year! Enjoy New Year party with drunken gravure idols at hot spring”

These are the list of the girls on this photo, excluding Yuka Kuramochi.

Have you ever seen a breast-wave?

Recently, she posted a short video in which they make a breast-wave with sexy yukara Japanese kimono clothes on.
Now, let’s take a look at the video!!
おっぱいウェーブ 天木じゅん
Source: Youtube
How was it?
They all are broadcasting themselves on their Twitter account. If you like them, I recommend you to follow them!


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  • FelliVox

    Well, I guess it's Japan. There's no point questioning why.
  • mirandalad
    are these jav idols?
  • WriterKyo
    Yes they are, they all are working as individual idols.
    But sometimes they work together like this!
  • mildseven
    I thought they're just gravure idols? Not jav idols?
  • devan_desu
  • IJamLegend
  • IJamLegend
    i like her face more than her hips to be honest, she's a cutie
  • Olphas
    I have no idea what a "gravure idol" is. Do I want to know?
  • hide0311

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Gravure idol Yuka Kuramochi and 5 other cute girls show off their big breasts by waving them
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