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Check out this bizarre and sexy Japanese swimsuit girl video now!

Matome Entertainment
Sunday, January 01, 2017 at 21:46

Yes, she is sexy...but what is this video about...

We found a very strange movie on YouTube.
A cute girl with pretty big breast in bikini swimwear is running on the running machine by the pool. And this pool is famous for being used to shoot Japanese porn video so often.
And a disco like music with totally nonsense lyrics is playing on the background.

Source: Youtube
米原康正監督作品"ランナーズパイ"の第1走者"清水あいり胸走(きょうそう)編”。一部の好事家の間ではお馴染みの例のプールで、NATURE DANGER…
Original lyrics



“What is life.
What is life really?”
Source: YouTube
Throughout movie, these lyrics are keep repeating.
And sometimes this girl shouts "お仕置き! (Oshioki)" which means "punishment!".

Camera often zooms up to the breast to make audience see it bounce nicely.

Bouncing breast
Bouncing breast
Source: YouTube
That’s all about this movie.
This movie is quite bizarre but inspiring.
It’s pretty difficult to explain what this video is about.

Check out by yourself NOW!


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  • FelliVox
    What the hell, where's the video. I want to see a sexy Japanese girl to start the year! Guess I'll go watch Asian porn...

    On a side note, I think this new feature is not working properly. First time I clicked it only showed me the first paragraph, after a few minutes I refreshed and it showed me more text and a link to YouTube that didn't work, and now when I click on the matome it just redirects to /feeds.
  • beeant
    I'm sorry about that I think I fixed the redirect.
  • shirokitsune
    I see that this is a matome but it really looks a lot like spam...
  • beeant
    yes lol, but at least it's not selling stuffs or forcing to click on links.
  • WriterKyo
    Hi shirokitsune! Thank you for your response!
    I just wanted to introduce you the video because I thought that movie is funny and bizarre.

    I am happy if you kindly understand that I didn't mean to do any kind of affiliate or spam><
  • FelliVox
    Still redirects me to /feeds when I click it. Tried clearing cache and restarting but still the same. Works in every other browser except from Chrome (works in incognito mode for some reason).
  • beeant
    Sorry for this problem, I think you can fix this by opening and closing Chrome Dev Tools. I'm still looking for the main cause to this problem..
  • FelliVox
    Opening and closing the developer tools does nothing (can't see how it would). If it helps, I don't get notified about responses in this matome either.
  • FelliVox
    And something I forgot to mention. Right after I posted that first comment and refreshed, the feeds stopped loading entirely. It was just an empty feed. I tried the common solutions and still nothing so I left it and came back to it after an hour or so and it had fixed by itself.
  • beeant
    I think I fixed that. Thank you for your report.
    Ok, I think we gotta stop commenting on this post. It's kind of embarrassing to have this on the top of our feed. lol
  • Matto33
    Works for me, excellent video! (^.^)/
  • alpha_geek
    Objectifying women is a really shitty way to encourage learning. What a terrible site. I am deleting my account.
  • beeant
    Sorry if it seems that way, but there's no such intention. This is just one of the matomes intended to introduce Japanese culture along with learning Japanese language. Sometimes, it can be boring to just learn the language, so I'm hoping that matome can be one media that can make your Japanese learning more colorful. Again, this is just one of the matomes. In the future, semi-vulgar posts such as this will be avoided or audited. We just released matome feature a few weeks ago, so please give JCJP some chances to improve this feature and also the contents. Thank you for your feedback.
  • Matto33
    I agree beeant! I appreciate colorful Japanese learning! If others are offended by this they probably shouldn't go anywhere near Japanese konbini and the magazine rack eh? Definitely do not read manga, or watch Japanese anime and perhaps avoid certain sections of Tokyo altogether. Feel free to send me the semi-vulgar ones by private message! 笑笑笑 
  • beeant
    So maybe WriterKyo needs to write matome about books/magazines that are available in Japanese conbini.

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Check out this bizarre and sexy Japanese swimsuit girl video now!
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