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Japanese pick up lines to pick up Japanese girls

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Friday, January 13, 2017 at 21:31
Do you like Japanese girls' personality and looks? If yes, you might want to at least be friends, have a love relationship, or even get married to one of them. From here, you might wonder how to start getting along with them? One way is to start impressing them with your Japanese, from beginner level to advanced level or use the phrases that Japanese people use.

In the middle of the crowded Tokyo cities, it is quite common activities for Japanese guys to try to pick up girls on the street, or anywhere in public. Japanese guys don't seem to be shy anymore. Well, just like any part of the world, there are guys who are shy and who are not. First, this activity of Japanese guys trying to pick up Japanese girls in public places is called ナンパ, in romaji it is spelled nanpa.
Nanpa (ナンパ?), also transliterated as nampa, in Japanese culture is a type of flirting and seduction popular among teenagers and people in their twenties and thirties. When Japanese women pursue men in a fashion similar to nanpa, it is called gyakunan (ギャクナン?).
Source: Youtube
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↑↑↑↑ Here is a video of a guy who is doing nanpa.
As you can see on the video, it can be quite challenging to start a relationship with a girl. Sometimes, you just wonder what did I do wrong? There are many ways to start conversation to girls. It is up to your imagination and creativity. Sometimes, it even seems that girls judge a guy from the way a guy talks to them. The girl might see the 雰囲気 (ふんいき) which means atmosphere or basically the feeling or ambiance of a guy from the way a guy talks to her. The ambiance can be funny, serious, or just flat. No matter what kind of ambiance, it might be depending on the 相性 (あいしょう) between you and the girl that will decide whether the girl will give respond or not.

So here are some examples of funny and creative Japanese pick up lines to do nanpa gathered from various sources.
Excuse me.. Can I pick you up..?
If you don't mind, can you tell me the last 8 digits of your cell phone number?

(Japanese cell phone numbers has 11 digits, and it always starts with 3 digits 080. Please do the math!)
Source: Ameba News
Let's have a cup of tea for 5 seconds!
Excuse me... I am planning to do my first nanpa today. So can I consult with you about the current trends and counterplan about nanpa over a cup of tea?

(Do you understand the humor here? A guy is politely asking a girl if he can do a consultation about picking up girls. So actually "asking for consultation itself" is also trying pick up the girl.)
Do you compromise with me?

(This phrase is difficult to translate to English. It basically show humbleness, by saying something like are you ok with this me the way I am?)
Let's have a vegetarian lifestyle and drink together!

(The meaning of this phrase is unclear. It seems that this phrase is used if you just want to mess around and show some sense of humor, expecting the girl to laugh wondering what are you saying?? Or simply you just want to show that you live a healthy lifestyle)
Excuse me, did you see any penguin around here?

(You can use this phrase when you don't have enough time to think, and you are under pressure, urgently want to talk to a girl.)
Finally I found her, Cinderella
Hello.. my name is nanpa taro!
That handsome guy over there, he is my friend.
I'm the reincarnation of Johnny Depp, let's eat together?
The ocean current around here is pretty intense, it's easy to be drawn away, so be careful. By the way, how about being drawn away by love with me?
Source: Ameba News
There's a rhinoceros beetle (bug) on your back.

カブトムシ is a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. One of the most common bugs you can find in Japan.
From what you have read here, do you dare to use any of these pick up lines to pick up Japanese girls?


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  • Matto33
    Great matome! I already married a Japanese girl ten years ago but good to know these sentences. Thank you!
  • IJamLegend
    haha, maybe I'll use ナンパいいですか? because it's so forward it's hilarious, and the penguin thing but most of them are so bad HAHAHA
  • wigglysquire
    I'm gonna have to watch this later when I'm not at work in a Japanese office.

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Japanese pick up lines to pick up Japanese girls
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