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Top 5 YouTubers in Japan

Matome Entertainment
Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 16:24

What is YouTuber?

Since YouTube was born in 2005, it has been keeping growing as world’s leading movie platform.
And recently there are people called YouTubers who broadcasts funny movie or explain on something.
Some of them got millions of subscribers and make a living solely by YouTube Ad income.

On this article I would like to introduce you top 5 Japanese YouTubers!

No.1 Hajime Shacho / はじめしゃちょー

YouTube Subscribers: 4,475,638
Twitter Followers: 2,853,659

Hajime Shacho has been making movie since his Highschool days.
And he got back from studying abroad at England, he decided to belong to UUUM (Japanese YouTube Agency).
Then he suddenly became famous.

He always do stupid or funny things or answering to the question by his fans.
Source: Youtube
測ってみたら30m分のバネが飛び出るみたい!ああこわ〜 ハジメファンタジー × はじめしゃちょー コラボグッズ 11月14日(月)まで期間限定販売中! UUUM STORE限定販売「はじめはシャチョー」Tシャツ&パーカー https://uuum.stores.jp/ ヴィレッジヴァンガード限定販売「はじめはマジメ」Tシャツ&パーカー http://vvstore.jp/feature/detail/9331/ チャンネル登録よろしくおねがいします ! My name is…

No.2 Hikakin TV

YouTube Subscribers: 3,610,977
Twitter Followers: 1,803,095

Hikakin’s start was vocal percussion.
But recently he does not perform vocal percussion often.

He used be No.1 in Japan, but got beaten by Hajime Shacho.
Just like Hajime shacho, he like to broadcast stupid or funny things.
He also is a board member of UUUM.
HIKAKIN ヒカキン@hikakin
2014年にスマスマに出させて頂いて、僕の人生は大きく変わりました。あのステージ、一生忘れません! https://t.co/8mbhiMFIPD
Source: Youtube

No.3 Yuka Kinoshita / 木下ゆうか

YouTube Subscribers: 2,527,944
Twitter Followers: 234,125

She posts foodie movie at 18:00 almost everyday.
She is famous among young girls in Japan.

木下ゆうか Yuka Kinoshita@mochiko0204

良いクリスマスを!!!???? https://t.co/SLgJ6LvbuG
【MUKBANG】 Hokkaido Tokachi–Obihiro's Special Pork bowl ! 4kg, 7110kcal [CC Available] |Yuka [Oogui]
Source: Youtube
[use CC to enable Subtitles] Hello, my name is Kinoshita Yuka ! I love eating. OoGui (eating a lot) is my channel's main focus. I often do a social eating live (Mukbang) Today,I ate Tokachi Hokkaido Subprefecture Obihiro City's Special Pork bowl…

No.4 Seikin TV

YouTube Subscribers: 2,033,093
Twitter Followers: 621,870

He is Hikakin’s big brother.
Style is similar to his brother, but looks more calm than his noisy brother.
SEIKIN (セイキン)@SeikinTV
クッキーうまい。 https://t.co/nCSUxDaCKQ
Source: Youtube
【チャンネル登録】してね! ▼SeikinTV チャンネル登録   https://www.youtube.com/user/seikintv?sub_confirmation=1 ▼SeikinGames…

No.5 Moso Gourmet

YouTube Subscribers: 1,847,304
Twitter Followers: 5,427

This Youtuber(s) are so unique.
They are family of 5 members.
Father, Mother, and 3 kids.

Their movie is quite unique.
They introduce processes to make unique colored or shaped foods.
No Bake Galaxy Cheesecake Tarte Easy Recipe ギャラクシーマーブルチーズケーキタルト 簡単 レシピ
Source: Youtube
We tried following the trend and made a galaxy pattern cake.This is a recipe for an easy to make tart base and filling. *Recipe* (makes one 18cm tart) We'll make the tart base out of store bought biscuits. 1. Finely crush 140g of biscuits. 2. Mix…



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