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What kind of tea is it?

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    Friday, June 23, 2017 at 23:22
    Currently, attention is gaining attention to the effect and efficacy of Japanese noodle tea, which is said to be very effective in improving various symptoms. It is because the unique ingredients discovered from tha beans contain ingredients that are very effective in improving bad breath and empyema, and rich in nutrients necessary for the body.

    What kind of tea is it?

    Soybean tea is a tea that uses the seeds of legume plants called "domestream", in Japan it is called swords (Towes · Tachimama) sword (Tatehiwaki).

    There are three major types of beans, which are divided into red beans, white beans, and tadpole beans.

    There are only two types of dumplings used as tea, "red beans" and "white beans". Tatami bean is strongly toxic and can not be used for edible.

    Tamatome is also introduced in many ways on television and the net, and in China, it is used as a traditional Chinese medicine.

    Is there any effect on thy tea tea?

    Sesame bean tea contains three unique ingredients.

    Concanavalin A, urease and canavanine are ingredients of drainage, anti-inflammation, blood circulation promotion and other effects.

    Also. Because it contains rich nutrients such as dietary fiber and polyphenol, it has an effect on activation of liver function.
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    What kind of tea is it?
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