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CM Hundred million yen offer to Hanyu too! Rush to "silver" Uno!

Matome Entertainment
Monday, February 19, 2018 at 13:05
CM's contract offer has been flooded with Hanyu Yuri (23), who has won the Olympic championship for the first time in 66 years and Masao Uno (20), who won the silver medal at the first Olympics for figure skating figure skating boys of the Pyeongchang Olympics I understand on the 18th.

After acquiring medals, advertising industry also has a thermal gaze for two people who are not exaggerating to say that they should go out to the media. It seems that 10 to 20 companies are offering both Olympic sponsor companies. Especially Hanyu received attention that the color of the costume worn by him was "sweet-like" and the food industry such as cookie and chocolate attention. When the athlete becomes a "face", the likability increases, so the beverage industry such as sports drinks shows high interest.

According to several advertising agency officials, the contracting fee for the CM is the actor of the leading class, and the contract fee for the CM is 30 million to 60 million yen. It gets even higher as it becomes a world-famous athlete. The form of the contract also ranges from just lending names and photographs to those in which the principal operates, which means that any competitor will sign a contract on condition that does not interfere with the competition.



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CM Hundred million yen offer to Hanyu too! Rush to "silver" Uno!
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