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What is combucha?

Matome Beauty
    Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 10:19
    Although mushrooms do not mean edible mushrooms like shiitake mushrooms or shimeji, the compact is a fermented beverage native to Mongolia.
    It is a drink fermented for about 2 weeks by adding sugar and gel like bacteria to green tea and black tea.

    It was called "tea mushroom" in Japan because the appearance of this fungus looks like a mushroom.
    At the time of the former tea mushroom, the appearance is not so good, the taste has a sour taste, just like adding carbonic acid to apple vinegar.
    Therefore, rather than "delicious", there are more people who feel that it is hard to drink, but in the United States currently being boomed, things that make it easier to drink with fruit flavor are mainstream.

    As for the black tea mushrooms which this drink ease was popular in Japan, there were some eeriness in appearance while looking at the taste, even those who knew that the effect could be expected for the diet, those who were not able to make it easily It seems to be large.
    However, it can be said that the currently popular combo is a big difference.
    Why are they rebooting?



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    What is combucha?
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