Ghosts caught on camera in Japan

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Wednesday, January 04, 2017 at 19:36

Believe or not... It's up to you...

Do you know "Spirit Photography"?
It means a photo with ghost caught on it.
We call it 心霊写真 (shinrei-shashin: ghost poto) in Japanese.

In Japan there are a lot of these kinds of photos.
Of course, some of them are fake, but I think some of them can be real.

Even though I cannot introduce in this article, but once I witnessed very realistic ghost photo.
It made me goose pumped within seconds...

Let me introduce you some famous ghost photos here...

What is scary about this photo is that this was an official photo of rental apartment at real estate home page...


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  • Matto33
    I love the ghost culture in Japan; 呪怨 and リング are my favorite ghost movies of all time. I like these pictures but have to ask why half of the ghosts feel they need to hide behind things? If I were a ghost and knew I could be captured on camera I'd be front and center, smiling while flashing the peace sign or giving someone bunny ears!

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Ghosts caught on camera in Japan
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