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What is "Love Hotel"?

Matome Culture & Lifestyle
Friday, January 06, 2017 at 21:29
In Japan, there are many kinds of unique cultures.
But among all, what foreign people were interested in was “Love Hotel” culture.
Love Hotel is a hotel facility for couples. In short, this is a place for sex.
Due to a unique nature of Love Hotel, it has several special features to differentiate from ordinary hotel.
Japanese Style Love Hotel
Japanese Style Love Hotel
As I told you, Love Hotel is a place to have sex.
Sometimes there should be a situation like this.
“I want to have sex now, but I can’t stay overnight…”

Love Hotel is nice solution for these needs.

Love Hotel usually has 2 pricing system.

1. Doesn’t always have to stay overnight

・休憩 (Rest)
Stay for 2 to 3 hours and you get out of hotel.
The normal pricing at Shibuya is around 5000 JPY for 2 to 3 hours.

Some hotels uses happy hour system, for example, from 11am to 3pm you can stay for 6 hours for the same price around 5000 JPY.

As a matter of course, its more expensive at night than in the morning or at noon. It is because that many people want to use Love Hotel at night. And 休憩 at night can be a chance loss for hotels because they would miss 宿泊 (Stay Overnight) guest who pays more money.

・宿泊 (Stay overnight)
宿泊 is a plan to stay overnight like ordinary hotels.
Love Hotels usually start to accommodate 宿泊 guest from around 6pm and guests  can stay until around 10 to 11am next morning.

Recent Love Hotel often allows guest to go out of the hotel to enjoy shopping or eating out.
宿泊 & 休憩
宿泊 & 休憩
From the top
Service time (Happy hours) 6 hours for 3,790 JPY

休憩 Rest
3hours 2,980 JPY

宿泊 Stay overnight
7pm to 14pm nex day
5,640 JPY

2. Entrance is often covered by wall in order to hide who is getting in or out 

s you can see in the photo, Love Hotel’s entrance is often covered by a brick wall.
It is simple. Nobody wants to be witnessed to get in some place where he/she will definitely has sex.

At some Suburbia type love hotel, you can drive into a hotel and park a car at specially designated parking lot for one room in the hotel.

Only the user of the room can park a car there, so privacy would nicely be protected.

3. You have to pick a room to stay with photo display panel.

This is a unique feature of Love Hotel.
As you can see in the photo, many Love Hotels equips a display panel with photos that describes what kind of interior design each room has.
And price is different for each room depending on size, decoration and so on.

Therefore, you have to pick a right one for you and press a button.
Then move on to a counter next to display panel, and pay money for clerk personnel.

If you enjoyed sex too much and stayed overtime, you will have to pay extra fee at counter or at machine inside the room.
If machine is used to pay extra fee, the door is locked until it is paid to prevent guest to escape with out payment.
Payment machine in a room
Payment machine in a room

4. Interior is often too unique

As I told you, Love Hotel is purely a place for sex. Therefore, there are many flashy interior designs. The famous weird designs are

・Every wall is a mirror
・Round bed with rotating slowly.
・Entire room is painted in pink or red.
・Full bondage equipment

Let’s see some example photos for theses
Unique Love hotel photos!
You can check out more about unique Love Hotel images here
Recently Love Hotels tend to be more gorgeous, they often has Jacuzzi equipped bath or illuminated bath. Some of them even equips Karaoke, and Gaming device such as PS4.

5, There are music channel panel so that you can choose the best BGM to enjoy sex.

Many Love Hotels also equips BGM controlling device at bed side.
It is like a tuner for music radio. All you have to do is to choose a channel (which means what kind of music do you want to listen to such as American music. J-Pop, K-pop or enka maybe).

At Love Hotel, you can enjoy sex with super sweet atmosphere.


As you now realized, Love Hotel is fully customized hotel just for sex.
But recently Love Hotels tend to be used for Joshikai (女子会: girls gathering) also.

3 to 4 girls stay overnight and enjoy talking, doing Karaoke, or Gaming.
And some hotels even make discount plan for Joshikai.

Love Hotel has been an erotic place but maybe it is changing to more opened fashionable place.

The authors recommendation of Love Hotel in Tokyo is....

From my experience of visiting more than 100 places, my best recommendation is...
Balian / Shinjuku

AWESOME. Just awesome.
Fashionable place with billiard pool and Darts machine at the lobby on the 1st floor.
They also has free snacks and drinks and optional choice of Shampoo and Conditioner.

Room is designed after Bali island. all rooms are meant to be suite rooms and pretty big enough.
Massage chair and Karaoke are equipped in the room.
Bathroom is big enough with illumination feature on bath tab.

Just awesome.
If you take a girl here, she should feel so happy.

A bit expensive, but worthy to try.
Balian Shinjuku
★東新宿駅5分★HOTEL BaliAn Island 新宿
ロイヤルバリアンは1室のみ!勝負デートに使えそ~w 地階はビリヤードスペースとかのアミューズメントフロア、屋上には足湯!
☞新宿区歌舞伎町2-22-10 https://t.co/Nl2B3i7Sca
@SugoLoveHo バリアン新宿本店お勧めです!値段は平日で一泊14800円前後とかなり高いですが6人入っても十分に使えます(ベッドは流石に無理ですが)カウンターにはドリンクバー・ワインがあり自由に飲用可能です。女子会プラン有り! http://t.co/WwnMpBXNR2
#バリアン#新宿#双子コーデ#カラオケのテンション#やっべっぞ#0105#Balian … https://t.co/im8moauUgJ https://t.co/OHKWLZKMPd


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  • devan_desu
    undoubtedly the best place in Japan.
  • beeant
    oh wow! @devan_desu did you take your display picture in a love hotel?
  • devan_desu
    oh no @beeant took that at my friend's
  • Matto33
    LMAO @devan_desu @beeant!!!
  • Chandalier
    I always wondered about this...
  • Darwo
    We call it "motel" here in Brazil
  • beeant
    @Darwo do they have various kinds of interior designs of motel in Brazil?
  • Darwo
    @beeant Yeah, I never went to one, but I saw many photos and stuff, as they are pretty common. I think they are interesting places

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