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The 6 most haunted places in Japan

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Believe it or not, do you dare to go and see it for yourself?
Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 08:33

What is 心霊スポット?

Do you believe in ghosts?
Some say yes, some say no. And I don’t intend to force you to believe in them.

But it is true that there are many locations where many people reported that he/she witnessed ghosts.
And many of these places have “stories” back in the history.
maybe ex prison, ex graveyard, ex battle field and so on.

These places are called “心霊スポット” in Japanese, which means “ghost spot”.
In short, young people call them “心スポ”.

Some of them maybe just fakes or rumors.
But, from my point of view, it seems that some of them are really horrible.
Young people such as high school students or university students often visit there for fun.
Many of these adventures end up with “Nothing happened”
But some people report that it was really scary or something really happened.
I wannaⅠ try 心霊スポット...Actually I feel so scary though...
稲原 美玖@null3939
I really wanna visit 心スポ~~
But actually, in many cases, it is illegal to step into 心霊スポット because these are likely somebody’s properties. You might be punished as trespassing.
So if you intend to go to 心霊スポット, you have to make sure if it is really okay to visit not.

Top 6 horrible 心霊スポット in Japan.

No.6 雄別炭鉱 / Yubetsu coal mine

This place is just a barren wasteland now.
But this place used to be a big coal mine long time ago. But, at the same time, there were bad rumor that the owner of Yubetsu coal mine brought many young people as a compensation for their debt and force them to overwork. And moreover they packed many labors in a small room far going over room’s capacity.
And labors died one by one.
It is said their grudge still stays there.
You need more info?

No.5 油井グランドホテル / Yui Grand Hotel

Yui Grand Hotel does not exist now. It is merely a ruin now.
This place is full of fear.
In the past, a couple stayed at this hotel and one of them killed another.
After this incident, weird unlucky accidents keep on happening.
One guest burned himself/herself. And serious of suicides followed.
And the worst accident occured.
5 guys kidnapped a high school girl and choked her and abandoned her body in a big refrigerator.
It is said that whole series of dead people’s ghosts still out there.
You need more info?

No.4 Kaiduka Sanatorium / 貝塚結核病院

This is a sanatorium, many people unfortunately passed away in this hospital.
And this place was also designated for young patients.
You need more info?

No3. 常紋トンネル / Jomon Tunnel

This tunnel is said to be created at 1914.
At that time the construction was so rough and many workers died and buried underneath its wall or ground.
Since then, it is said that ghost shows up in this tunnel.
You need more info?

No.2 旧犬鳴トンネル / Old Inunari Tunnel

One innocent young man was killed by bad guys more than decades ago.
This place is simply a dangerous place. And suitable for committing crime because nobody usually visits here.
Therefore multiple crimes kept happening.
Therefore it is said that there are a lot of ghosts here.

You need more info?

No.1 慰霊の森 / Irei no mori Forest

July 30th 1971, the biggest airbourne accident occured in Japan.
All Nippon Airways (ANA) collided with Self Defence Force’s plane in the air and went out of control and started to fall toward the ground at faster than speed of sound.
After that JAL plane dismantled in the air and crashed onto the surface of this mountain.
Entire 162 guests and crews were dead.

And this mountain is said to be the most horrible 心霊スポット in Japan.
BUT, this place must be tranquil. It is simply wrong to visit here for fun.
Nobody in the plane expected to die here. It is such a tragedy.



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The 6 most haunted places in Japan
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