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A gigantic Buddha statue in the middle of residential area in Nagoya

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Monday, January 16, 2017 at 20:55

Huge buddha statue stands in the middle of a residential street

20 min away from Mietetsu Nagoya station, there is a weird place of interest.
You don't have to look around to search for this because you can find it like this.
Oh my buddha...

This is call "Hotei Buddha statue" which stands in the middle of residential area.
Its height is 19m tall which is 2m higher than famous "Big buddha statue of Nara"
Hotei Daibutsu
Hotei Daibutsu
19m tall is pretty tall as a buddha statue
Hotei Daibutsu
Hotei Daibutsu
It looks like the end of the world

Why was this weird Buddha statue built?

The unique part of this Buddha statue is not only its location or size but also this is owned by a person, not any religious organizations.

Hidenobu Maeda, who worked as moxibustion therapist got a revelation in a dream to build a huge buddha statue. He accepted that revelation and start to built a statue by himself.5 years later he completed construction.
Afterward he lives in a house behind statue and does his work as therapist too.

Daibutsu and house
Daibutsu and house
The white house behind the statue is owner's house and clinic.


This huge buddha statue worth checking out if you get a chance.
This is the biggest buddha statue that is owned by a person.
There are so many buddha statues in Japan, but it is quite rare to find something like this!


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  • IJamLegend
    holy heck that's rad

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A gigantic Buddha statue in the middle of residential area in Nagoya
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