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Convenience store Seven Eleven somehow sold half eaten cake

A customer was surprised. Open a cake box and the cake inside was half eaten.

According to the announcement by the Seven&i Holding, crew member at Seven Eleven convenience store, Diver City Tokyo Plaza branch, sold a half eaten Mont Blanc cake by mistake last month Dec 24th, 2016.

The unfortunate customer bought a box of cake and brought home and then unboxed.
And then he/she saw this.
Responding the complaint from the customer, Seven&i Holding officially apologized for this and commented that they will make much more efforts to prevent it from happening again.

Why did it happen?

It seems that crew member of this Seven Eleven shop got complementary cake for himself/herself and ate it while his/her lunch break.
And he/she seems to put the box back to new cake box shelf and other crew member sold it by mistake.

As you well know Dec 24th is a christmas eve. I assume the customer might have horrible christmas eve night.
Let's hope Seven Eleven won't make the same mistake again once and for all.



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Convenience store Seven Eleven somehow sold half eaten cake
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