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A Japanese shrine started AR Shuin stamp book (朱印帖) and its original app

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    Sunday, January 22, 2017 at 09:16

    What is Shuin stamp book??

    Shuin stamp book is sort of a stamp rally.
    Let me cite from Wikipedia.
    A shuin (朱印?) is a seal stamp given to worshippers and visitors to Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan. The seal stamps are often collected in books called shuinchō (朱印帳?) that are sold at shrines and temples.
    Source: Wikipedia
    The stamps are different from commemorative stamps in that they are made by people who work at the temples: Buddhist monks, or Shinto kannushi. To create the shuin, the writer presses down one or more large stamps, and then uses black ink to write, in his distinctive calligraphy, the name of the temple, the day of the visit, and other messages on and around the stamped portions.
    Source: Wikipedia
    There are various theories about the origin of shuin, though the strongest is that it was a receipt for a dedicated copied sutra. There are still temples where one cannot receive a shuin without having donated a sutra or money, but the majority of the temples will now accept a small amount of money for a shuin. It usually costs 300 yen,[2] though there are some places that charge up to 1000 yen.[3] At Itsukushima Shrine, there is a sign that asks people to dedicate their feelings.
    Source: Wikipedia
    When someone buys a new Shuin stamp book, it is just a book with blank pages with thick cover.
    Blank Shuin Stamp book
    Blank Shuin Stamp book
    And if you visit temples or shrines, you can ask priests or monks out there to write down their original calligraphic signature and stamps on the Shuin stamp book.
    Then its will be like this.
    Shuin stamp book filled with stamps
    Shuin stamp book filled with stamps
    As I told you, whole idea is a stamp rally. Fun of accumulation.
    And this Shuin stamp book is becoming a big trend even among young people who usually don't visit shrines and temples. Some people make plans for travel based on which temples and shrines to visit to collect Shuin stamps.

    A shrine in Fukuoka developed an app to realize the vision of god on the Shuin stamp book

    『御朱印AR』 紅葉八幡宮
    Source: Youtube
    製作:J-Site Kyushu 企画/演出/プログラム:tangent inc. 【紅葉八幡宮 御朱印AR アプリ】 西新還座…
    This is an explanation video on AR Shuin stamp book. AR is the abbreviation of augmented reality that add some additional virtual info on the reality on the smartphone. The most famous AR app is Pokemon Go.

    Firstly, you have download special app for AR Shuin stamp book. You can download from the links below.

    Leia opiniões e compare as avaliações de clientes, veja capturas de tela e saiba mais sobre 紅葉八幡宮 御朱印AR. Baixe 紅葉八幡宮 御朱印AR e divirta-se em seu iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.
    紅葉八幡宮 御朱印AR on App Store
    AR App der Blätter im Herbst HachimanGott beginnt von Goshuin Buch Springen zu bewegen!Es ist eine Geschichte, die nur hier nicht zu wissen, kann !?
    紅葉八幡宮 御朱印AR – Android-Apps  auf Google Play

    And you have to go to Fukuoka and visit Momiji Hachimangu Shrine to get Shuin stamp.

    The stamp they use is necessary for the whole experience.
    You can also download stamp from URL here if you have no time or chance to visit there.

    Activate app now and tap "ARをはじめる" button.

    And hold the smartphone camera over the stamp on Shuin stamp page. And then Story begins.

    Then priest shows up and pray to invite Gods to this app!

    And soon Gods shows up!

    Godess showed up!
    Godess showed up!
    You can try rotate smartphone or tap the Goddess to see her swinging swords.

    If you tap bottom left "おはなし" button, you can take a look at explanation on this Goddess.

    If you tap bottom right "次の神さま" button, you can take a look at next God that are enshrined at Momiji Hachimangu Shrine.


    For details, you can check out YouTube and try it yourself!
    It is a magical combination of tradition custom and new IT technology.

    maybe in the near future, everybody is taking a look at a smartphone in front of the shrines and temples to see what Gods are enshrined there just like playing Pokemon Go!



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    A Japanese shrine started AR Shuin stamp book (朱印帖) and its original app
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