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Do you how much effort was made to take this picture?

Matome Funny Stuffs
Monday, January 23, 2017 at 08:32

A cute girl is standing by the pool

A girl behind the scene
A girl behind the scene
Source: Togetter
It looks that this is a quite ordinary picture that a cute girl is standing by a pool and water splash behind her.

But there is a big effort made by a camera man in behind the scenes.

Water splash was made by one camera man

Source: Twitter
To tell the truth, camera man jumped into the water and created the water splash.

It is said that when a camera man tried to take a photo, they noticed that if there is a water splash behind her it would be better shot.
And suddenly the camera man named "ゆっkey" said, "Talking about water splash, leave it to me!" and jumped into the pool.

Since he cannot take a photo while he was jumping into the pool, he asked his friend to take the photo. Reportedly, he jumped into the pool more than 20 times.

Please remember when you find a photo with water splash, there might be a great effort behind that.

By the way, ゆっkey is famous camera man now thanks to this photo.
He says, "These days, many cosplayers ask me to take a photo with water splash behind it".
The camera man ゆっkey's official Twitter

Twitter speichert Deine Standortangaben.
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ゆっkeyP@あけおめ auf Twitter: "私のがんばりの結果です>>RT http://t.co/yHusyqWloK"



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Do you how much effort was made to take this picture?
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