A Japanese Yokozuna wrestler was born after 19 years of absence

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 14:53

"It was a long way" Kise no sato commented at the interview.

Kise no sato
Kise no sato
Yokozuna is a supreme championship title for sumo wrestler. And it was dominated by Mongol-born wresters these days.
But but after 19 years of absence, finally Japanese Yokozuna sumo wrestler is about to be born.

Jan 22th, 2017, Kise no sato won the This year's first big sumo tournament by defeating Hakuho who is also Yokozuna sumo wrestler.

Kise no sato answered the winner's interview as follows

"It was a long way to get here. Thanks to those who supported me, I am here now."
"I want to be a sumo wrestler who is respected by many people"

He wept copiously while he was answering the interview.

Interview with Kise no sato
Interview with Kise no sato
Source: Grapee

He was officially promoted by the Yokozuna Promotion Council

Kokugikan sumo wrestling place
Kokugikan sumo wrestling place
Source: Wikipedia
Following Jan 23rd, 2017, the Yokozuna Promotion Council decided to promote Kise no Sato to be Yokozuna wrestler with unanimity.
The last Japanese Yokozuna wrestler was Waka no hana who was entitled to be Yokozuna in 1998.
After Waka no hana, all new Yokozuna Wrestlers were from Mongol.

Mongol is also famous for its "mongolian sytle sumo".
But Japanese people have been waiting for new Japanese Yokozuna wrestler for so long.

He has waited for 15 years to be Yokozuna

Kise no Sato
Kise no Sato
Source: Wikipedia
He started his carrer as Sumo wrestler at the age of 15 years old. And 15 years later he accomplished his goal to be Yokozuna.
He is 30 years old and 4 month now. This is the 7th oldest record as the age to be a Yokozuna.
Netizens are full of joy.
I screamed in front of my TV! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!!
"I am so happy like it is happening to me"
I want to see "Yokozuna" Kise no sato!
I am looking forward to see him fighting again! Congrats!! YAAAYY!!
He will officially be recognized as Yokozuna Jan 25th, 2017.

Let's hope his further success and Japanese sumo wrestlers will be dominant once again!



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A Japanese Yokozuna wrestler was born after 19 years of absence
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