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Would this be my name in Kanji- 彩夜, colorful night? - Feed Post by Saiya

Would this be my name in Kanji- 彩夜, colorful night?
posted by Saiya

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  • Medyrius
    Jisho.org : 彩夜 - さいや - Saiya
    Female given name or forename.
    It's a very nice name to have ;), poetic! ^^
  • Saiya
    thank you I am thinking about changing my real name to Saiya. I really like it and have always disliked my real name. Im so glad you like it as well.
  • Medyrius
    I can't imagine your real name being that bad? what is it? unless it's a secret :p
  • Saiya
  • Medyrius
    Yahari, it's actually a pretty nice name you know... ^^
    There's the name Ami in my country, sometimes it's written Amy, like yours, but it's pronounced like in french. It's actually a contraction of a longer name : Aminata or Amin'ta.
    Never heard anyone complain about it though :p
    It's a meaningful name for me cuz the former queen of my heart had it... :)
    Maa, if you're going to change for Saiya, that'd be a nice name that you like and that's kanji-writable, which is kind of cool!^^
    It may not be a bad idea ;)
  • Saiya
    Thanks, my name means 'Beloved'. Since I never felt loved at all its sort of a slap in the face. I never liked the sound of it especially with southern US accents it sounds like someone gagging at me. I am sry to hear about the former 'Queen of Your Heart' I meant no disrespect. A lot of ppl tell me they like my real name but it shouldnt matter how they feel about it cause they arent the ones walking around with it everyday lol. Thanks for the chat, its always great to get your input.
  • Medyrius
    Daijoubu da yo, kokoro ha mou naotta kara :)
    It's always nice to speak to you too, I'd so like to know more about you, I think you have a very interesting personality ^^

    Jya, odaiji ni
  • Saiya
    arigatou gozaimasu Medyrius senpai, Id like to know more about you as well. Oh I did start watching Bleach again. I forgot just how funny it was /giggle. And I am glad you changed your photo from the mask one. :)
  • Medyrius
    Yea! I'm a fan of Ichigo's dark side but the mask doesn't suit me very well ^^
    I hope this pic is ok for you :P

    It's a good idea starting watching beach again, I'm sure you won't regret it ;)
  • Saiya
    /giggle Im trying its a lot of episodes. I could never get into Afro Samurai because it was so um manly LOL. Its suits you though all bad ass and what not without out the psycho LOL!
  • Medyrius
    Funny thing is I haven't watched Afro samurai yet ^^
    But I'm a good boy you know, just acting tough most of the time ^^
  • Saiya
    lol oh rly? Thats funny! Well I watched the first two episodes of Afro Samurai and it was rough and violent. It might have gotten more friendly as it went but it was a bit too much for me. I like more of the girly stuff. Nurarhyon no mago, ao no exorcist, wolfs rain. I like the dark ones from time to time. Like the new one Another, that was creepy cool.
  • Medyrius
    You have an interesting anime list here, I'm picking you some if you don't mind :p
    And they're not long at all, piece of cake ^^

    Tell me, did you keep count of how many animes have you watched so far?
  • Saiya
    I wish I had kept count, its a lot though because it takes me a long time to even recall my favorites. I just started Accel World. That ones pretty cool. I also liked Future Diary, that one is dark too. Let me know which ones you come up with.
  • Medyrius
    Yappari, anime nara saiya ga sempai :)
    The animes I've watched so far, I think I can count them on the fingers...
    What do you mean the one I come up with? Sorry I happen to have trouble with some expressions ^^
  • Saiya
    Oh let me know, which animes you can think of. What does Yappari mean, I have heard it in anime but cant find a definition of it.
  • Medyrius
    Ah Sokka! ^^
    Well the animes that really marked me except for the long-run classics are Claymore and Death Note which I can bet you have watched too ^^
    I'm sorry to ask but could you make me a list of all the interesting animes you know of, only when you have time though, no urgency ^^

    矢っ張り (やっぱり): also; as I thought; still; in spite of; absolutely; of course.
    It's a second pronunciation of the word 矢張り (やはり).

    I have a tip for vocab building while watching anime, Use a jisho (www.jisho.org is exellent) and immediately look up the words you hear often enough.
    You can happen to forget it but then just look it up over again, once you've got it recorded you won't need a sub for that word ever again ;)
  • Saiya
    Very good idea. Yeah I have been so busy lately I havent even had time to study Japanese. I log on to write down a few kanji to practice and look up but never have much more time than that. I am training to run a half marathon and Im working full time right now as well. I should have more time starting next week and I should be able to really study more. I will write down some of the animes I really liked and send it to you. Do you have an email address you would like me to use?
  • Medyrius
    Saiya ga maraton o hashiru nante sugoi na! Ganbatte ^^

    My email add is [email protected]@@gmail.com (anti-spam measure ^^)
  • Saiya