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BOO!!! /giggle - Feed Post from Saiya to Medyrius

BOO!!! /giggle
posted by Saiya

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  • Medyrius
    :o! Bikkurishita! ^^'
    It's funny that you're "booing" me the day my internet is back ^^ I haven't logged for a while cuz it's been down for almost two weeks...

    Saikin genki desu ka?
  • Saiya
    Isogashii desuyo! Ive been working a lot lately, and I started playing GW2, i didnt think I would but my sister and cousin both started playing so I bought it. I needed the stress relief. Glad you are back online. Okaeri Nasai! ;o)
  • Medyrius
    Thanks! ^^
    I don't know much about the GW series but I'd sooo like it trying GW2... the game seems so great!

    That makes me wonder, what kind of online player are you?
  • Saiya
    Well normally in MMO's Im the dedicated healer, but in this game there is no such thing. Im playing a necromancer atm. Im a nice girl though Im not one of those elitist players, Im not 'hardcore' I just like to enjoy the game and chat with people from all over the country/world.
  • Medyrius
    Dedicated healer, that's exactly what I was thinking ^^
  • Saiya