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Epic fail today, been feeling a lil overwhelmed trying to work full time and learn Japanese but… - Feed Post by Saiya

Epic fail today, been feeling a lil overwhelmed trying to work full time and learn Japanese but there was this hot guy at the gym and he came over and was talking to me and I told him I was trying to learn Nihongo and tried to say one simple phrase and stumbled all over it like an idiot. Will I ever get to a point where I can have a simple conversation?
posted by Saiya

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  • zeto
    bang him
  • Medyrius
    Don't be hard on yourself for that ;)
    Speaking is not so easy when you don't have enough practice...

    Are you learning some grammar by the way?
  • diarahan
    Haha well it's not like you said you were an expert, so I think you're okay! Speaking it isn't that easy anyway.
  • Saiya
    lol Zeto has an overactive ego I think /giggle. Yeah, Im learning grammar as much as I can, I am taking that Japanese class starting next month at the local university so I hope it will get better. Id like to study in Japan at some point but I should rly just start with how to have a basic conversation where i dont sound like a blabbering idiot. /grin
  • shairn
    I suggest getting into reading. Books and manga aimed at a younger audience use furigana, which is displaying the readings of the various kanji next to them. This way you can concentrate on getting used to syntax.
  • Hyperiant
    Get to know some fluent Japanese speakers. Find a website that does language exchange (like Lang-8) and friend some people on Skype. Force yourself to talk to them so your brain makes the connections necessary to speak fluently. You can only learn so much Japanese by reading alone.
  • Saiya
    I dont trust those types of sites Hyperiant. I tired one and ended up getting nasty mail from middle aged men looking for more than language exchange.
  • shairn
    That is a bit troubling. Maybe you should have a cover up profile? :P