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LOL everytime I come back you have a new crazy profile picture ;o) - Feed Post from Saiya to Medyrius

LOL everytime I come back you have a new crazy profile picture ;o)
posted by Saiya

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  • Medyrius
    Sou nano ka? chigau to omou kedo na...
    I think U must have forgotten about it but I remember your commeting this very one... I love it too much, guess I'll be keeping it longer than the others...

    Welcome back, I've missed you much, I was afraid u'd never come back b'cuz JCJP can be so boring...
  • Saiya
    LOL well its a good site for vocab practice plus your here... though why are you here?
  • Medyrius
    That's a very good question indeed LOL.
    I think it's the competition... The thing I like it running after good rankings and this site is the place where I have most chances b'cuz there's no money-bought boost system that'd help others go way faster than me. It's all about determination here...
    If it wasn't for that, I'd probably go idle and wait for lvl 7 to come out...
  • Saiya
    Im wondering when we will get a lvl 7? Obviously I still have a ways to go though hehe.
  • Medyrius
    I think that JCJP could develop into something really GREAT! if only beeant was willing to share the work with some other coders...
    The site's been the same for soooo long!! Even bugs aren't corrected and there are so many updates to make...
  • Saiya
    Well has he moved on or something? Is he even checking the site anymore?
  • Medyrius
    No, he's chechink everything alright, but there's just no changings at all while there should be...
    At this moment he's working on something (A surprise), I guess it's the mobile version of JCJP, but i'm not sure...

    By the way, how did you appreciate the ending of SAO? It was soo great an anime!! I wish there were more like that out there ^^
  • Saiya
    I loved it, I got a little squeamish by the hentai references but it was all in good fun. I dont think the anime is complete as the mango version of the story includes several more games... but IDK maybe they only intended the anime to be one season.
  • Medyrius
    Well the way it ended, it doesn't seem like they plan to make other anime season, maybe separate OVA's or why not a movie or 2... could be fun...

    I think the "hentai" part at the end was very daring, same as their suggesting us that Kirito and Asuna were making love ingame, but hey wouldn't it be the same in the reality?

    If you come to discover other animes that I might like, tell me onegai shimasu...

    Have you watched Stein;gate already?
  • Saiya
    I began watching it but just got busy. I might try again but right now Im finally getting around to finishing Bleach haha.
  • Medyrius
    Wasn't it worth watching?
    And did you skip the fillers?
  • Saiya
    Yes, and no. ;o)