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some friends to help me out with Japanese?

well... i would like to get some friends on here that are okay at Japanese or if your not that is totally okay we could just help each other out? i`m a beginner in Japanese:)
posted by learningyolo

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  • Seishinsan
    hey :D im also a beginner, learning with the genki books at the moment ^^
    if you still want to, im here :D (or maybe add me on skype if you want, just ask)
  • SilverBell
    Iam Also A Beginner.
    Of lets Be Friends.
  • Pluto
    Lets be friends ^^.
    Also a beginner :D
  • ayusako
    i just got married with Japanese. i also learn japanese now. yoroshiku ne >.<
  • GoldenRoses
    Complete beginner too :/
    Lets be friends too! ^^
  • DealGray
    I am also a complete beginner
    let's be friends :D
  • ashleybotts
    You can talk to native Japanese speakers on Sharedtalk.com, voice chat and text chat. I think it's neat. My vocab isn't good enough yet so I'm practicing on here :)
  • mogmog
  • ferdy3erai
    me? i live here and stills studying but certainly i can teach the basics haha!
  • AH_Jonesy
    ive been studying hiragana for a while trying to get it into my head before i start anything else and i can speak very little, only the basics. i'll be everyone's friends XD
  • Rhdabe
    I've started into low level kanji stuff but I'm still very new to this. I mostly need to improve my vocab and use it more. Not sure where though. The readings here are way over my head, and anywhere else I go I spend more time looking stuff up than actually reading/listening. Very frustrating.