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How to utilize "Practice"?

Can I choose from which chapters I practice from? How does it move from chapter 1 to 2? After I've done all from chapter 1 as "excellent"? After how many times of getting a question right, does a vocab word or kanji stop being asked? Will it ever come up again to make sure I know it? How do I specifically choose what chapters to practice from?

Any other tips available for studying?
posted by ashleybotts

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  • mog86uk
    You can't specify which chapters Practice uses, but you can specify the level. If you are level 1, then you can't see this setting until you reach level 2.

    It never stops asking giving you words, no matter how many times you answer them correct. I've encountered some words more than 100 times...

    A tip for using Practice: If you're level 1, then Practice is set to 'level 1' and will give you all the level 1 questions. This means every question from Chapters 1 to 10, even if you haven't even done that many chapters in Lessons. So it is probably best to finish at least chapters 1-10 before starting Practice. ^^