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Looking for skype-buddy's to practice Japanese :D

My Name is Shelley and I'm 24 years old. I'm a stay-at-home mum and am currently studying Japanese with the (little) free time that I have ^^. I try to learn something new each day - some days more than other days. I've had a crush on Japan since I was 13 and dream of going there one day.

I'm basically looking for friends who are also learning Japanese :) I want to practice my speech and writing and I think it'll go a lot faster if I have friends to practice with.

My Skype name is Shelleythingy, so feel free to add me if you want. No weirdness, please xD.

I don't care if you're advanced or a noob like me :) I'm sure I'll learn a lot either way.

Ok :D *insert awkward goodbye here*
posted by bubblybaby

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  • ineputri
    hello~ nice to meet you
  • guga93
    Hello. Welcome to the community. I am at semi noob level, feel free to contact me on skype(nick: gustavo.flame). good studies.
  • OwlPrincess
    You would probably make more strides by finding a language partner on lang-8 or govoluble.com
  • bubblybaby
    Thanks for the advice OwlPrincess :)
    And I'm adding you, Guga93! ありがとう。

    私 の にはんご が まだ へた です。 :D
  • vodanh0nth
    Hello, my skype nguyenhung2310. Nice to meet you. Sorry, i'm not good at English
  • Novi
    Hello, i am newbe and I will be happy if you wanna learn with me too. My skype novi.ns1117
  • bubblybaby
    For some reason my skype isn't letting me search contacts :p so if you could just add me, that'd be greaaat O:)
  • Vortrex
    Er zijn weinig Japanse spreker hier in Nederland he ;)
    If you want to talk I can help you and even explain in Dutch and English. Speaking Japanese is really fun.
    Best thing is to find a Japanese person to talk with.
  • bubblybaby
    Vortrex: Jaaa, lijkt me leuk! En klopt, dat is helemaal waar. It's definitely best to find a native speaker :).