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This question never lets me give the correct answer!

In "Practice", whenever I get this question:<br><br><font size="6"><font size="4"><font size="7">心から</font><br>こころから<br>it will NOT let me answer "from the bottom of one's heart", which is the correct answer - clicking does nothing. (I can click on the WRONG answers, but who wants to do that??)<br>Very, very frustrating...<br></font></font>
posted by TofuQueen

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  • beeant
    Hello TofuQueen,

    I am really sorry for this problem.
    I know the problem that it's because it has ' on the question,
    The javascript got cut because of the (') character.
    so it doesnt only happen to from the bottom of one's heart, it only happens on any other answer which has '.

    I will get it fixed on the end of November new release update.

    Once again, I am really sorry for this problem, the solution for this is to stay away from reverse question for a while.

    In the next release you can include Reverse question into the full random interval. so its not only Kanji & Vocabulary anymore (Kanji, Reverse, and Vocabulary)
    So there will be more opportunity to practice on the reverse question after the update.

    I know it's frustrating, but please be patient, I am working so hard on it. I will make it better! =D

    Thank You,
    JCJP Admin
  • beeant
    there are many reasons, why I should rewrite the codes, and this is one of the reasons.
    Actually I am excited to release this update =D

  • kei_86
    thank you for all your hard work beeant. It is much appreciated.

    I'm looking forward for the update
  • TofuQueen
    beeant, thanks for the information - I know zero about coding, so I didn't realize that was the problem. (^_^)

    It's really not that big of a deal, I was just irritated because my combo had to reset when I was almost to 20~

    Looking forward to the update! (^__^)