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Technical problem w/Review Questions

Found this site last night & have really been enjoying it - worked great last night and this morning.

Then I installed a new firewall...

Now the drop-down menu for "mode" won't keep anything selected and keeps reverting to "mode". I can answer one question, get my score, and get a new question, but when I try to answer a second question it doesn't give me a score update & the question area goes blank.

I've tried changing a few things in the firewall (unblocking popups, allowing ads....) with no luck.

Any ideas?? Please?? (~_~)
posted by TofuQueen

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  • beeant
    I am sorry for this problem.

    The drop down menu for mode is meant to be like that. The default selection is mode, so whatever you select, it will revert back to mode.
    To see the change of what you have select, you should see something on the top of it:
    something like that

    Currently, I have no report regarding the same problem you have. However, I think that it is the bug in my code. I just improvised the code to integrate practice with weak list. However I am still not sure if it is a bug in my code, I just tried to do the Practice, and I had no problem.

    I will try to find the problem.

    I am sorry about this problem.

    Thank You