want to watch japanese Live TV?

if anyone wants to watch japanese live tv, with tv stations like NHK, fujiTV,TV asahi,TBS, TV tokyo etc. there are two programs.<br><br>1) KeyholeTV<br>works most of the time and a lot stations (well at least of the standards) are available BUT sound and picture quality is low.<br><br>2)tv ants<br>this is a p2p program (not downloading any warez just tv ^-^). quality of sound and picture is superior to keyhole tv BUT some of the stations are not allways available.<br><br>search the net for the programs and look for yourself. just wanted to give solutions IF anyone wants to watch.<br><br>some personal stuff: it doesnt matter how good the picture quality is..some TV shows are bad and won't get better, but still good for watching some animes, news, shows, drama, *laughs* japanese dubbed US movies.......star wars episode 2 was hillarious
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