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家/いえ :but the woman pronounced as うち

Vocabulary Level 1 Chapter 8/ 家 いえ

but the woman pronounced as うち, please make the sound agree with the hirakana.

家/いえ /house; 家/うち/home.
posted by Hopefool

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  • 5rree5
    This kanji have this 2 pronunciations :)
    Both are correct!
    You say "uchi" when is your house and IE when is another person's house, in all the cases I've seen, but maybe someone that have more knowledge can teach you better.
  • fuonk
    Unfortunately, the website uses a text-to-speech engine to produce the pronunciations, and there are a number of cases in which the text-to-speech engine chooses a reading of a kanji which is different from the reading given in kana. There are cases which are worse than this-- cases in which the pronunciation produced by the text-to-speech engine actually doesn't make sense, although the reading for each individual kanji in the word or phrase is a possible reading. I can't remember one at the moment, but if one comes back to me, I'll write another comment here.
  • fuonk
    Here's one: The word 石鹸 means "soap", and it is pronounced せっけん (sekken). The text-to-speech engine apparently fails to recognize the word, and pronounces it as いしけん (ishiken) instead, incorrectly using the kunyomi いし of the kanji 石.
  • fuonk
    Here's another: 洗濯物 (せんたくもの, sentakumono), meaning "laundry (clothes to be washed)"
    The speech engine uses the wrong onyomi of 物. pronouncing it せんたくぶつ (sentakubutsu) instead.
  • fuonk
    And another: 粉薬
    Correct pronunciation: konagusuri
    Speech engine's pronunciation: konayaku